"I thank God for Chosen Generation. This organization has truly had a tremendous impact on my family and the way we interact with each other."

Our Mission

To organize and implement programs, events, and activities that bridge the generational gap, support and demonstrate the success of inter-generational relationships and greatly improve the life, health, and well-being of individuals and communities in which they live.

Our History

Chosen Generation Connection, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, formed in 1999.  The organization was conceived in the heart and mind of its founder, Jerome Goode. The purpose of the organization is to unite the elderly and the young people, as both will provide a means of getting to know, understand and appreciate what the other has to offer. The youth will learn the value of the elder adults’ experiences and wisdom while the elderly will be invigorated by the energy, vitality and new ideas of the youth.

Our Vision

To gain state and local recognition for becoming leaders in inter-generational partnerships and implementing innovative services to youth and elderly in our community.

Service & Community Involvement

2021 Initiatives:

As life starts to get back to "normal" as the COVID-19 pandemic starts to loosen its grip, we plan to slowly start offering our normal programs. This includes working in our community garden and our Father's Day golf tournament since they can be held outside and keep participants socially distant. Our 4th "Be Beautiful" event, Nobleman's Workshop, and Jewels in His Crown Workshop will resume early next year. We will continue to look for other opportunities to partner with other companies/agencies providing similar community support.  

Our Board of Directors

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     Jerome Goode                     Vacant                      Paula Dixon                                 Charlynn Goode                 

             President                                    Vice President                            Secretary                                                              Treasurer                                

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        Varnetta Jones                              Lisa Johnson-Clarke                       Stroza Hill                  

            Fundraising Coor.                                          Be Beautiful Event  Coor.                          Nobleman's Program Coor.