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Jewels in HIS Crown Workshop is a 12-session workshop that introduces females ages 12+ to life skills.  The workshop’s goal is to enable participants to be successful in their personal and professional lives.  The workshop environment is conducive to the development of positive relationships among women.  Girls and women share their concerns and challenges as they learn life skills that enhance their womanhood and self-esteem.


The next session start date has not been determined. Please stay tuned for more information. 

To obtain more information or to register, please call 336.632.0205 x 1614

or send an email by clicking the link below.


  • Anger & apology language


  • Understanding love language


  • Effective communication


  • Etiquette

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Finances


  • Generational curses


  • Looking the part


My experience started with attending the Noblemen’s and Jewels Banquet in 2016. My husband had completed the Noblemen’s workshop. I thought it was for young women (youth to teenagers) but during the banquet I discovered women of all ages. Their testimonies were enough for me to sign up for the next session. After completing the sessions, I discovered that a lot of the information could be used to help other women immediately and it did. It also helped me to realize what others may consider things about me that needed to be changed; they needed to be fine-tuned instead. Such an unexpected surprise!

Come be surprised…

The knowledge, fellowship and friendships made during Jewels in His Crown was such a blessing to me. You rarely see workshops designed that cater to EVERY woman (young, teen, adult or seasoned), so it was a joy and nourishing to see that in place. The opportunity of receiving Godly insight from others was the ultimate highlight. I would absolutely encourage ALL to sign up and attend these workshops not only to gain great tips on improving the outer girl/womanhood, but the inner (soul) as well.

Our experience was wonderful. My 10-year-old (at the time) daughter attended the session and I appreciated how she was encouraged to share and participate. It was a blessing to gain such insights into her thoughts and feelings about certain topics. Personally, it was nice to be reminded of who I am and to Whom I belong. It was nice receive affirming words from a sister in the class, based on what the Lord laid on their heart to say to us. The generational curse class was powerful, and again, to see what my daughter was holding on to was enlightening. I could say much was such a blessing.

I reluctantly signed up and attended the sessions because I though it was for young women and girls. With session one, I realized I needed to be in that session. As the sessions progressed, I learned more and more about things I thought I already knew. I especially the table etiquette session. I attended a formal dinner shortly after that session and felt very comfortable because I could navigate my place setting without mirroring others; I took the lead. Wonderful sessions for mothers and daughters to attend, but also for older women!!


Jewels and Nobleman’s Luncheon

Jewels in His Crown and Nobleman’s Workshops joined together for an awesome combined luncheon at the end of one of the 12 sessions.

Click HERE to see PHOTOS from the Jewels in His Crown and Nobleman’s combined luncheon!

Golden Ticket Event 

The Jewels of Chosen Generation Connection sponsored the second annual “Be Beautiful” event on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at the Empire Beauty School on Bridford Parkway in Greensboro NC. Recipients who received “golden tickets” came out and enjoyed services of their choosing. Women and girls of all ages and generations were able to relax, fellowship, and be pampered.


A goal of Chosen Generation is to give back to the community in various ways. This free event provided a day of pampering for our guests, as well as hours of training for the students at the school. New relationships were forged and everyone left the “Be Beautiful” event with smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes!


A special thank you to Empire Beauty School for setting aside a day to open their doors exclusively for our guests to be showered with kindness and attention. 

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